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"9Pcs Tiny Greek House Stickers" Sticker Pack

"9Pcs Tiny Greek House Stickers" Sticker Pack

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This sticker pack contains 9 greek houses die cut stickers! These are great to give your journal, planner or scrapbook a summer look. You can basically use them for any crafty project. But beware, they aren't laminated so they aren't waterproof! 

This sticker pack contains 9 Greek house stickers. They're mostly around 4 - 4 cm wide and long. 4 cm is about 1.6 inches.
Some are a bit bigger and others a bit smaller. I designed this sticker pack myself and I used my Cricut Maker to cut the stickers. They are all die-cut and have a small white lining on the sides.
I used vinyl matte sticker paper, which makes the stickers a bit sturdier, but be careful. They are not waterproof.




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