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"Cozy II"

"Cozy II"

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This cozy sticker sheet with fall vibe will bring warmth in your planner, journal or scrapbook during the colder autumn days.
Grab a warm cup of coffee or tea, take your time to sit down and fill in your planner or journal and start decorating with these super cozy stickers!

This sticker sheet contains 11 stickers ranging mostly around 3 cm width and length. 3 cm is around 1.2 inch. ;) There's only one bigger sticker, that's the couch. That one is 6 cm in width and 5 cm in height.
Some are a bit bigger and some are a bit smaller.
I drew these stickers myself and I used my Cricut Maker to cut them. They all are kiss cut, and they have a small white lining at the sides.
I used vinyl matte sticker paper, which makes the stickers a bit more sturdy, but beware. They aren't waterproof.



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