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"Spring Foliage+Wildflowers" Sticker Sheet Set

"Spring Foliage+Wildflowers" Sticker Sheet Set

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A spring-themed sticker sheet filled with beige and taupe wildflower and spring foliage stickers. These flower stickers are perfect for giving your journal, planner or scrapbook real spring vibes, they will keep your spreads neutral and not too crowded.

These sticker sheets contain 52 wildflower and spring foliage stickers together, they're usually around 1.5 - 3.5 cm wide and long. 1.5 cm is about 0.6 inches, and 3.5 cm is about 1.4 inches. ;)
Some are a bit bigger and others a bit smaller. I used my Cricut Maker to cut them out. They are all kiss-cut and have a small white lining on the sides.
I used vinyl matte sticker paper, which makes the stickers a bit sturdier, but be careful. They are not waterproof.



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